Sunday, October 21, 2012

Transcedental Love

Although I still swear by John Darnielle in lo-fi mode - dude, I bought their tapes on Shrimper and Car In Car Disco way back when - I can see that higher budgets and cleaner recordings are the way forward for the mighty Mountain Goats. The songs remain gorgeous, and that's what counts in the end, right? Check out a sample from new offering Transcedental Youth for proof.

Mountain Goats - White Cedar

"I remember Lima, I remember the good life..." Ok, for old lo-fi times sake already:

Mountain Goats - Sendero Luminoso Verdadero

Another recent release that really managed to tickled my fancy - and that's no easy feat - is Matthew E. White's Big Inner. Adventurous with a groove. Big? Could become huge.

Matthew E. White - Big Love

For fine snotty vocals and sharp garage guitars, turn to the Electric Healing Sound, all the way from Tijuana, Mexico. Way to go, cholo punks!

The Electric Healing Sound - Victory

And since I'll be away from my desk for a couple of days, I'll leave you marooned awhile with a golden oldie by those postpunk supremos of Wire. Ciao!

Wire - Marooned

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