Thursday, July 19, 2012

Up & Away

That time of year again, it is. Bid you adios for a while, For The Sake Of The Song must. The old rest & recuperation routine, you know. Hmmmm... Gotta get away, me. Beachbound, I am. Yessss... Be online I will not. Of weeks back in a couple, promise I do...

Elizabeth Cotten - I'm Going Away
Frank Stokes - I'm Going Away Blues
Jivin' Gene & The Jokers - Up, Up And Away
Mitty Collier - Gotta Get Away From It All
Clarence Carter - Slip Away
Flaming Ember - Gotta Get Away


Ernie Goggins said...

Why have you turned into Yoda? Have a goood break said...

have a nice trip!