Monday, February 6, 2012

Ry's Writings

"A woman in a prewar Dodge coupe passed them on the road. She was headed for Brakke's. She turned into the parking lot and drove the car up to the front door. Inside, the boys were just getting started on Divorce Me C.O.D., which had been a big hit for Merle. The woman opened the trunk and began to throw items of men's clothing out onto the parking lot. Suits, shirts, underwear, shoes, the works. When she was done, she backed the Dodge out. The future ex-Mrs. Ray McKinney headed north toward Willow Springs in a cloud of oil smoke."

Yup, that's Ry Cooder writing. Renowned roots musician and producer, movie soundtrack specialist, guitar magician, and now an author, too. And a damn good one at that. I'm currently reading his first collection of noir short stories, and it holds me spellbound.

Merle Travis - Divorce Me C.O.D.
Ry Cooder - Mexican Divorce


ajnabi1957 said...

Brilliant. I'll have to get the book at the local independent books tore!

Ramone666 said...

That's the spirit. Cheers!

Holly said...

Trying to get my library to order!