Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sure Does

"Feels so good just to wake up in the morning by myself,
Cup of coffee in the kitchen, fire up a little danger to my health,
They say that love is all you need, but freedom´s something else..."

There´s a new Leonard Cohen album in the pipeline, and the 76-year-old legend from Montreal is slowly fitting some virgin songs into his current stage show. You can sample a trio below, including a majestic ode to loneliness called Feels So Good, in truly exceptional sound quality. A heartfelt thanks goes out to the taper who recorded these songs at the famous open air opera stage of Römersteinbruch in Austria last September.

Leonard Cohen - Feels So Good (live) MP3
Leonard Cohen - The Darkness (live) MP3
Leonard Cohen - Born In Chains (live) MP3

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Bruckner said...

Hey man, just can assure you - it was a great show there at Austria/Römersteinbruch - I was there and enjoyed until the very last second... what a man... cheers, Manfred.