Saturday, September 18, 2010

Wild Weekend Vol. 33

Was away, am back. Broadcast from our new residence in the oh so chilly Lowlands, edition 33 of Wild Weekend has finally dropped. The song will remain the same however, so once more, the iPod shuffle did its best to deliver its weekly goodies. Proto-HipHop? Check. Sweet soul music? Check. Punk rock? Check. More? Check again. Have a wild one.

We´ll start off with a golden oldie. "Ya know my heart keeps tellin´ me, you´re not a kid at thirty-three, you play around, you lose your wife, you play too long, you lose your life..." Wise words, pop kids. Signed: Danny O´Keefe, nearly forgotten seventies singer/songwriter. Nat Couty´s wild Woodpecker Rock sure is one totally weird and infectuous rockabilly ditty. Lux and Ivy from the Cramps loved this one, and I guess Woody would have, too. Find it on volume 4 of the indispensable Born Bad series.

Danny O´Keefe - Good Time Charlie´s Got The Blues MP3
Nat Couty & The Braves - Woodpecker Rock MP3

HipHop forerunners anyone? Try New York´s Last Poets, who released their famous eponymous debut way back in 1970. A true percussion attack. Critical guys? You bet. "Niggers are players, niggers play football, baseball and basketball, while the white man is cuttin´ off their balls..." Right on. V-3 was one of the brainchildren of the late Ohio underground legend Jim Shepard, who for some reason managed to score a major label contract with American Recordings in ´96. The resulting Photograph Burns still sounded rather lofi though, as the fine Caucasian White shows, and that sure is a compliment.

The Last Poets - Niggers Are Scared Of Revolution MP3
V-3 - Caucasian White MP3

From the soundtrack to Sweet Soul Music, one out of many excellent music books by Peter Guralnick you really should own, come the Enchanters and the sweet sweet voice of Garnet Mimms. He paid for the party, oh yes he did... in teardrops and heartaches. Lord! And we´re off with a very thirsty Pat Todd and his Lazy Cowgirls. "They ask me why I´m drinking, well I´m trying to forget..." True punkrock, American stylee. Cheers and enjoy, see ya all next week!

The Enchanters - I Paid For The Party MP3
The Lazy Cowgirls - Goddamn Bottle MP3


Holly said...

Nice to have you back!!

Private Beach said...

I don't know why everyone credits the Sugarhill Gang with introducing rap when the Last Poets got there first.

Anonymous said...

Thanks as always. Anybody out there have the single version of "Good Time Charlie's Got the Blues"? It's substantially different from this, the album version. And if it's ever been on any album, I've never heard of it.