Thursday, December 17, 2009

Ghulam´s Ghazals

When I was in India for the first time, which seems like ages ago, I just had to find me some Indian and Pakistani sounds. Basically raised on Dylan, the Stones and punk rock, I didn´t know anything about that kind of music back then, and hadn´t even heard of giants like Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, The Sabri Brothers or Lata Mangeshkar yet. Someone back home had told me though that ghazals would probably appeal to me. No sitar doodlings going on for ages, but actual songs - poems set to music really - accompanied by traditional Indian instruments such as tabla, sarod and harmonium. And featuring great vocalists to boot. Needless to say, that sure got me curious.

At a cassette stand somewhere in the centre of New Delhi I asked the guy behind the counter what he could recommend and he immediately came up with a tape of Ghulam Ali. This what was I was looking for, no doubt about it. So I bought it of course. Cost me about a dollar, loved it ever since. Play loud, to dig that wonderful, deep, ´underwater´ tabla drum sound.

I´ll soon be back in India for a week, escaping a Christmas at home, and will surely go on another musical shopping expedition one afternoon. Here´s hoping I´ll bring some new exotic treasure home with me. Watch this space.

Ghulam Ali - Hum Tere Shahar Mein Aaye Hain MP3
Ghulam Ali - Kachi Deewar Hoon Thokar Na Lagana MP3


ib said...

I loved these two, especially "Kachi Deewar"...

What a bargain.

Enjoy your Indian escapade, Ramone666.

Ramone666 said...

I was pretty sure you´d like these. Keep on dubbing amigo.

Tom G. said...

Just the sort of unusual stuff I troll for. Nice story behind it too. Thanks tons.

Thomas said...

beautiful. there's a smoky, almost cinematic quality to "Kachi Deewar..."