Saturday, November 7, 2009

Wavy Gravy

If wild novelty songs from the fifties and early sixties are your thing, the Wavy Gravy series is the one to get. The two volumes (For Adult Enthusiasts and Four Hairy Policemen) contain a truckload of hilarious rockabilly and country ditties, interspersed with weird radio ads for obscure B movies. The joke tends to wear rather thin when you spin this stuff too often, but for the first couple of plays it´s a real hoot. All together now: "I started using L.S.D., it gave me quite a kick, better than booze and easy to use, but it made me mentally sick..."

Selvyn Cox - His Name Is Jesus MP3
Wendell Austin - L.S.D. MP3
The Leather Boy - On The Go MP3
Ding & Bat - Hearse On A Surfari MP3


kinghorror said...

It's always a pleasure to pop by this way. Can your blog get any better?

I have these LP's and what a treat they are. Do you also have "Cough Syrup For Elvis Impersonators" its a hoot.


Ramone666 said...

That´s another good one in this genre. Got it on an old cassette tape (remember these?) only alas. Cheers!

The Ramonic Verses said...

There's actually THREE Wavy Gravy volumes, the 3rd being 'Psycho Serenade' - it also has the Beware label & CAT #...

They're all brilliant!