Monday, September 21, 2009

Lenny Tonight

Going to see a true legend in concert tonight. Leonard Cohen´s in town and we´ve got tickets, 12th row centre stage no less. Added bonus: it´s happy Len´s 75th birthday. Got quite a scare this weekend when it was reported that Cohen had fainted because of food poisoning during last Friday´s Valencia gig, but apparently all is right again. Just a bad prawn or mussel in his paella... Guess it´s going to be an intense evening. Groomed my goatee already... now where´s that black turtleneck sweater?

To celebrate all this, here´s some wonderful live Lenny from back in the days. Chelsea Hotel #2 and Story Of Isaak were recorded at the famous Olympia Theatre in Paris in 1976. Avalanche and Joan Of Arc (a fine duet with Julie Christensen) stem from a show at the Congresshalle in Zurich in 1993. "I don't mean to suggest that I loved you the best, I can't keep track of each fallen robin..."

Leonard Cohen - Chelsea Hotel #2 (live Paris ´76) MP3
Leonard Cohen - Story Of Isaak (live Paris ´76) MP3
Leonard Cohen - Avalanche (live Zurich ´93) MP3
Leonard Cohen - Joan Of Arc (live Zurich ´93) MP3


Private Beach said...

Am I the only one who thinks the outfits he favours these days make him look like a Mafia godfather? said...

Ben jaloers... have fun!!

Dave Schipper said...

Thanks for the songs... where did they come from?

I'm of course envious.


Ramone666 said...

Your envy was completely justified, as Leonard was in great form. Excellent band too. Famous last words: "May your life be as sweet as apples coated with honey..."

Dave: these are live recordings that weren´t released officially.