Tuesday, July 7, 2009

With A Feeling

And in the evening, when the sun´s gone down and it´s cooled off a bit, I love to play me some of that old blues. There´s nothing better than sitting on your porch late at night, drink in hand and stars overhead, listening to the masters from the Delta or the windy city. So here´s another tenpack, filled to the brim with blues treasures I´ve been digging recently. First one who writes in to tell me which famous band stole That´s No Way To Get Along gets the For The Sake Of The Song Crossroads award...

Tampa Red - Love Me With A Feeling MP3
Blind Joe - Married Man Blues MP3
Robert Pete Williams - Lord, I´m Going Back Home Soon MP3
Buddy Boy Hawkins - Voice Throwing Blues MP3
Rev. A.W. Nix - Black Diamond Express To Hell - Part 1 MP3
Memphis Minnie - Ain´t No Use Trying To Tell On Me MP3
Johnny Shines - Ramblin´ MP3
Garfield Akers - Dough Roller Blues MP3
Robert Wilkins - That´s No Way To Get Along MP3
Tommy Johnson - Slidin´ Delta MP3


Unknown said...

That would be the Rolling Stones, although it's not quite the same song. When Robert Wilkins gave up secular music and became the Rev. Robert Wilkins, he recast it himself as Prodigal Son.

Ramone666 said...

Chris, you´re the winner of the Crossroads award. Thanks for playing. And remember that the Stones (bless ´em) had Prodigal Son copyrighted as a Jagger/Richards composition until a lawsuit came along.

De Rikkert said...

Wist ik (maar niet van die rechtzaak).Maar ja, te laat, want druk in de tuin en zo, hè?