Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Fresh Fruit

Enough of all that old stuff for a moment, it´s about time we played you something recent here again. Right?

Right. Western States may be a Canadian band, but their second album Bye And Bye was fittingly recorded down in Texas. The steelguitar-drenched Time To Lose is a perfect example of their melancholic sound.

Western States - Time To Lose MP3

King Creosote is the brainchild of Kenny Anderson, who comes from a big Scottish musical family. You may know his brother as Lone Pigeon. Full of inventive freakfolk, Flick The Vs comes packed in a sleeve to die for.

King Creosote - Nothing Rings True MP3

Condo Fucks is Yo La Tengo in disguise. And their album Fuckbook an hilarious collection of great covers. This one was originally written and performed by the Kinks way back when.

Condo Fucks - This Is Where I Belong MP3

The Connie Converse story is a weird one. Thirty five years after this folksinger mysteriously disappeared from the face of the earth, we can finally hear her fine voice on How Sad, How Lovely. Read all about it here.

Connie Converse - One By One MP3


Paul said...

You're right. I love that pedal steel!

Katman said...

Thanks for sharing the story of Connie Converse. Wow.

Anonymous said...

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