Thursday, April 23, 2009


For the best soul instrumentals money can buy, most people turn to Booker T & the MG´s, Junior Walker & the All Stars or the Meters, and with good reason. But have you tried the Mar-Keys yet? They were the famous Stax label´s first house band, featuring such giants as Steve Cropper and Donald ´Duck´ Dunn (who´d later both join the MG´s) and future Memphis Horn Wayne Jackson. Now go do the Pop-Eye Stroll, y´all.

The Mar-Keys - Pop-Eye Stroll MP3
The Mar-Keys - Sack-O-Woe MP3
The Mar-Keys - Philly Dog MP3


Unknown said...

Packy Axton, [brother of Estelle co-founder of stAX] was a Mar-Key too, I think. Have to check the Rob Bowman books. Love the blog,

Marc said...

Actually, Packy was Estelle's son. Jim Stewart was her brother.

bigsteveno said...

The Popeye was a dance, but I can't remember what it consisted of. Pretending to eat spinach? Eddie Bo had that record Check Mr. Popeye, a great slab of N.O. R&B. I heard it in a coffee shop recently. I think it was on Little Steven's radio show. Unfortunately the Popeye never achieved craze status.