Tuesday, February 10, 2009

You Gotta Move

For The Sake Of The Song will be out of the loop for a short while, as we´re busy moving house. Our new headquarters are only 5 minutes away as the crow flies, but it still means that everything - including my music collection and my trusted iMac - will have to be boxed up for a short while. So bear with me, dear reader. I´ll do my best to be back online asap.

In the meantime, here are some songs with a Spanish flavour for you, as I´m glad I can continue to call this amazing country home. I´ve been living in Barcelona for nearly four years now, and I can´t think of any place I´d rather be.

Bob Dylan tells us that Spanish is the loving tongue, in a passionate live version recorded on 11 May ´76 in San Antonio, Texas, during the second leg of the Rolling Thunder Revue. Adios, mi corazon... El Vez, the Mexican Elvis, admits he´s never been to Spain (his loss), while the way underrated Kevin Coyne paints a hilarious picture of tourists in search of some southern sunshine. ´That waiter looks suspicious...´ Great stuff.

Finally, for some genuine Spanish sentiment, there´s El Camarón De La Isla, the greatest flamenco singer ever in my book. Soy Grande Por Ser Gitano features the great Paco De Lucia on guitar, while Arte Y Majestad is dedicated to Curro Romero, the legendary bullfighter from Seville. Olé! Agua!

Got to go now, as some guy named Pepe is ready to start disconnecting cables. Back soon, I promise!

Bob Dylan - Spanish Is The Loving Tongue (live ´76) MP3
El Vez - Never Been To Spain MP3
Kevin Coyne - This Is Spain MP3
El Camarón De La Isla - Soy Grande Por Ser Gitano MP3
El Camarón De La Isla - Arte Y Majestad MP3


John said...

I just spent last night continuing with an effort of learning more about spanish and mexican music by learning some songs from Theodore Bikel and listening to Desire. I then put on the Bootleg 5 collection of songs from the Rolling Thunder Review. Along with being some of the best duet singing i have heard, Rolling Thunder hammers and country-fies Dylan's Spanish/Mexicana.

Private Beach said...

Good to hear some Kevin Coyne - he seems to be rather a forgotten figure these days, which is a shame.

Nicolas said...

Thank you for including great Spanish music, especially Camaron.
I'm french but with strong family links in Spain, and it's always great to hear this music.
Great site ! I added you to my blog roll, and I made a link to an old post of yours about Chuck berry in my new post (about Chuck too)
Take care and good luck with your moving,

Essy said...

Dear Paulo,
Belatedly have found your blog.
All I can say is I need to get an MP3 Player.
Best wishes for the move.
Art is Life.

Croydon Rumax Hercunt said...

You don't seem to be too bright. Four years in Catalonia and you still think you are in asspain? Where have you got your ears? Cat ate them?

Catalonia is not asspain. Catalans are not asspainful. From Perpinyà to Alacant the country is Catalonia, the language Catalonian.

That there are a few francoist still, tell me, though, where are they not?

For if there is such a place in world, there am gone.

I've been seek of the damned fascist castilians all my life.

Long live an independent Catalonia. Death to asspain.

Ramone666 said...

Take it easy Marc. This is a music blog. I am of course aware of the oppression of Catalunya during the Franco era, and I think it´s great that Catalunya has since then fought for and won a rather autonomous position within the country. But officially it´s still part of Spain, there´s no denying that. And nationalism sucks. Big time. Always. And everywhere.