Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Rockabilly Rampage

I´ve been enjoying quite a lot of rockabilly lately. Hadn´t played the stuff for years, but right now I´m really digging that fifties madness again like crazy. Honest, deceptively simple music with a slap bass, great vocals drenched in echo and guitars running wild.

The obvious sounds from the Sun label, or from famous names like Gene Vincent or Johnny Burnette´s Rock ´n´ Roll Trio are amazing of course. But I´ve always had a special weakness for those obscure gems as found on compilations like Sin Alley, Desperate Rock ´n´ Roll, Rockin´ Bones, Born Bad and Songs The Cramps Taught Us. Here´s a bunch of them. Go, cat, go.

Bill Allen - Please Give Me Something MP3
Charlie Feathers - It´s Just That Song MP3
Warren Smith - Ubangi Stomp MP3
Glenn Glen - Everybody´s Movin´ MP3
Weldon Rogers - So Long, Good Luck And Goodbye MP3
Jack Scott - The Way I Walk MP3
Kip Tyler - She´s My Witch MP3
Laura Lee Perkins - Don´t Wait Up MP3
Johnny Bucket - Let Me Play Wit' Yo' Poodle MP3


ib said...

Well, shit. The Charlie Feathers' cut is freaking outstanding, and I haven't even begun to digest the rest.

I'm just in the right frame of mind for it. too. There is a pot of Chili for one bubbling on the stove and a 3/4 full bottle of Brandy on the draining board. No tears; just plenty of spleen and bile.

Thanks, friend. Great post.

Ramone666 said...

Glad you like the Charlie, Ib. Chili and brandy huh? Sounds like a solid combo to me.

Mithra said...

Bill Allen is my big brother. He's still rockin' in Akron, OH. I am glad you enjoy his song. He wrote it and played it with his high school friends. He sold a million copies but it was during "payola" and he never got a dime. but that's OK, he had it then and he's still got it. Go to this site and scroll down a bit until you see three guys in striped shirts...Bill is the middle one.

Oh yeah, here's some irony, someone is selling his song as a rock a billy legend and he had to pay $20.00 to buy his own song (original track) and is STILL getting nothing from it.