Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Got the tombstone blues

Tempus fugit. This day in 1971, Duane Allman was killed in a motorcycle accident in Macon, Georgia, just weeks before his 25th birthday. Brother Duane was a true master of the slide guitar. In his honour, here are two marvellous tracks from one of my fave Allman Brothers Band boots.

Allman Brothers Band - Trouble No More (live A&R Studios, New York 26-8-´71) MP3
Allman Brothers Band - Don´t Keep Me Wondering (live A&R Studios, New York 26-8-´71) MP3

On a different note: enjoy this blog while you still can. The music blogosphere is under attack at the moment; read all about it in this post over at Setting The Woods On Fire. Paul of that blog is both a lawyer and an American; he tells it much better than I ever could. Yesterday, those friendly people at Blogger bluntly removed a post of mine from Star Maker Machine. A post about a song by blues master Mississippi John Hurt, from the twenties, which came complete with a link inviting everyone to buy the album... 

Other music bloggers had the same problem with the so-called Digital Millennium Copyright Act the last few days. For some reason, the record industry is blind to the fact that blogs like this one actually make people go out and buy albums... If this goes on, I cannot do anything else but throw in the towel. Here´s hoping the whole thing blows over soon, but somehow I doubt it. So me? I´m in the kitchen. With the tombstone blues.

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