Saturday, June 19, 2010

Wild Weekend Vol. 24

In the midst of World Cup madness, here´s yet another edition of Wild Weekend. Always aiming to broaden your musical horizon, featuring the grooviest sounds from all around the globe. This week we travel from Paris to the Punjab, from Trinidad to the Big Apple, and from California to Ohio. Take that trip.

Let´s start with the masterful DJ Shadow and a track from one of my all-time fave albums: Endtroducing..... No matter how many times you spin that disc, one still discovers new details every time. Wonderful song title too by the way. What does your soul look like? Answers on a postcard please. Meanwhile the Sabri Brothers, pride of the Punjab, use an old-fashioned harmonium and tons of hand-drums to hypnotise the hell out of you. Kali Kamaliya Wale translates as ´one who wears a black shawl´, which for some reason unclear to me evokes the prophet Mohammed. From Ya Habib, an excellent career overview of these Pakistani legends.

DJ Shadow - What Does Your Soul Look Like (Part 4) MP3
Sabri Brothers - Kali Kamaliya Wale MP3

Ready for that tropical calypso sound? The wonderfully named Wilmoth Houdini asks his beloved a vital question: "Where did you sleep last night, Caroline?" Thinking hard, Wilmoth decides he won´t get fooled again: exit Caroline. From 1927, and with a fiddle to die for. Next up: some fine barbed-wire pop in the Pavement mould by Moviola, a near forgotten combo from Columbus, Ohio. Find the druggy Wisdom Teeth on the recommended The Year You Were Born (´96). "Sheets are gone, won´t miss them at all, because I don´t want to fall asleep tonight with a storm like this..."

Wilmoth Houdini - Caroline MP3
Moviola - Wisdom Teeth MP3

Sonic Youth protégés Cell never made it big, but their near-psychedelic guitar onslaught still rings true today. Check the soaring Stratosphere for proof, people. Were these New Yorkers the true heirs of Television? Questions, questions. And we´ve reached the end of another Wild Weekend with some prime jazz melancholy courtesy of tenor giant Dexter Gordon. Recorded in ´63, when Dex was living in gay Paree and doin´ alright.

Cell - Stratosphere MP3
Dexter Gordon - Willow Weep For Me MP3

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