Saturday, March 19, 2016

Just Passing Through

Just got the sad news that self-proclaimed renegade picker Steve Young has passed away a few days ago. Left me cold. The underrated outlaw's Seven Bridges Road album ('72) is obligatory listening for any honest rock and country lover. Miss him.

Steve Young - Montgomery In The Rain
Steve Young - One Car Funeral Procession

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Pre-Existing Conditions said...

wow, i did not know this, thanks for the sad heads up. Agreed, Steve Young is one of the all time most underrated artists ever...he could write, AND he could sing 'em.

One of the greatest songs ever written, Rock Salt and Nails, is a Steve Young gem. There are two especially killer covers out there, one by Linda Ronstadt and Tracy Nelson on an old Earl Scruggs CD (I Saw the Light), and the other is by Buddy and Julie Miller. RIP Steve