Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Squeeze Me

I don't think the Lemonheads have been featured in these pages before, and that's an omission I really can't explain. After all, I saw them more than once on stage back in the days, and can even recall strutting around in a way cool Hate Your Friends tee. To put things right, here's a choice cut from each of their first 5 albums, clearly showcasing Evan Dando's progression from punk pop to pure pop.

Lemonheads - Glad I Don't Know
Lemonheads - Two Weeks In Another Town
Lemonheads - Mallo Cup
Lemonheads - Left For Dead
Lemonheads - Confetti


Big Ed Dunkel said...

Thanks, always appreciate the Lemonheads

Just in case: here's a melancholy demo version of one of their better known tunes:

Ramone666 said...