Monday, October 13, 2008

My Summer Live Adventures Pt. 1: Waits

Got a little catching up to do after my blogging hiatus, so here goes. Saw two great gigs this summer. First one was Tom Waits in L´ Auditori Del Forum, a rather plush concert hall with pretty good acoustics in the northern outskirts of town. Barcelona had been waiting for Waits for ages, and it showed. People were already visibly excited standing in line... Lots of beatnik hats and goatees around too.

With a minimum of stage props, a very simple lightshow and a great band which included his son Casey on drums, Waits had everybody eating out of his hands from the get-go. The ridiculous ticket prices were soon forgotten by all when Waits worked his magic in a good mix of old and new material. One of the best shows I´ve ever seen, and that´s saying something, believe me.

Many thanks to the taper of course, but the audience recording of this show doesn´t even remotely do it justice. I´ll Shoot The Moon (with Waits giving his telephone number in Spanish and a wonderful sax solo towards the end) and a particularly impressive Hold On still sound pretty cool though. Check ´em out. Great souvenirs of a night I won´t soon forget. Stay tuned for pt. 2 in this series: Dylan in Cuenca.

Tom Waits - I´ll Shoot The Moon (live Barcelona 15-7-´08) MP3
Tom Waits - Hold On (live Barcelona 15-7-´08) MP3

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