Sunday, April 13, 2008

Heartbreakingly sad

Let´s hear it once more for Hank Williams, a much heralded artist here at For The Sake Of The Song. This time around I´d like to put the spotlight on a cd of his that´s not that well known, but provides an illuminating insight to his oeuvre. Rare Demos: First To Last (issued by the Country Music Foundation) compiles all the publisher´s demos Williams recorded in his way too short life. Which means a grand total of 24 sparse versions of songs that later became famous in fully arranged incarnations. Here it´s just ole Hank on guitar and vocals though, as pure as he would have sounded at home, pickin´ and wailin´ on the porch in his rocking chair. I Told A Lie To My Heart for instance has never sounded this heartbreakingly sad. "I told my heart I didn´t love you, that I´d be happy when we part... lonely years of tears and sorrow, I told a lie to my own heart."

Great stuff to check out while waiting for Hank´s lost songs as curated by Dylan (see an earlier post here for details) and for the said to be upcoming Mother´s Best series. After years of negociating with Hank´s heirs, a deal has supposedly been struck finally to release 143 (!) songs Hank recorded for Nashville´s WSM radio station in ´51. Mythical recordings of the father of country music and his band playing songs, with Hank doing commercials - mainly for sponsor Mother´s Best Flour - in between. "I love to have that gal around, her biscuits are so nice and brown, her pies and cakes beat all the rest, ´cause she makes them all with Mother's Best..." Sounds mouthwatering, right?

Hank Williams - You Broke Your Own Heart MP3
Hank Williams - A House Of Gold MP3
Hank Williams - Singing Waterfall MP3
Hank Williams - I Told A Lie To My Heart MP3

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