Friday, March 14, 2008

Grab ´em while you can

Got that grab bag fever again. I guess you know the score by now: every Friday night here at For The Sake Of The Song - trademark of quality etc. - you´ll get a mixed bag of songs I really liked over the past week. All genres go. Old or new, slow or fast... there are no boundaries. One thing you can be sure of though: they´re all goodies, so grab ´em while you can. Tonight´s issue features a blues about astrology, the version of Hey Joe that Jimi probably based his classic performance on, while we also celebrate St. Patrick´s Day a few days in advance. Cheers!

Let´s begin with a fairly recent song. I don´t really know a whole lot about David Karsten Daniels to be honest. Originally from North Carolina, he relocated to Seattle a while back to enjoy the weather there. His most recent outing Sharp Teeth (Fat Cat records) is a sparse but subtly arranged piece of work you should definitely check out. I´m already looking forward to his new album Fear Of Flying, which will come out this April if all goes as planned.
David Karsten Daniels - Jesus & The Devil MP3

I generally prefer my blues acoustic, but every once in a while the electric kind moves me as well. Especially when it´s on the legendary Stax label. Born Under A Bad Sign was written for Albert King by organist Booker T and soulsinger William Bell. In the words of the latter: "I said, hey, we´ve never had a blues song done about astrology. I got this idea that might work." It did. They made a demo which sounded so good all King had to do was overdub his vocals and guitar. "If it wasn´t for bad luck, I wouldn´t have no luck at all..."
Albert King - Born Under A Bad Sign MP3

It is said that Jimi Hendrix based his arrangement of Hey Joe, the song that kickstarted his career, on the version obscure singer/songwriter Tim Rose recorded for his self-titled debut album in ´67. Others claim that Jimi adapted westcoast band Love´s version though. In my opinion a case can be made for both options, and sadly it´s too late to consult the voodoo chile himself. All I can say is I really like this one. More on Tim Rose and the amazing song Morning Dew in a future post.
Tim Rose - Hey Joe (You Shot Your Woman Down) MP3

As its Paddy´s Day soon, let´s put some Irish stuff in the mix. I´ve lived on the Emerald Isle myself for over four years, and had a wonderful time altogether. It rained a lot, but then again it never rains down the pub, as the local saying goes. Boy, do I miss that Guinness on draft. Here are the Pogues with their classic Sally MacLennane. "Well Jimmy played harmonica in the pub where I was born..." Find it on Rum Sodomy & The Lash (´85).
The Pogues - Sally MacLennane MP3

Let´s stay in Ireland for a while and listen to Van The Man. He may be a grumpy old bastard, but what a voice. This is an acoustic demo of the song that would later end up on his wonderful Moondance album. Oh, the water. Let it rush all over me. By the way, for more Irish tunes be sure to drop by at the wonderful Setting The Woods On Fire and Cover Lay Down blogs. You won´t regret it.
Van Morrison - And It Stoned Me (acoustic) MP3

It´s closing time already, and what better way to call it a day than with The Valentinos. It´s All Over Now is so familiar in the Stones´ version you´d nearly forget Mick & co only covered it. The Valentinos wrote and cut the song for Sam Cooke´s SAR records in ´64. The Rolling Stones, magpies that they are, released their version so fast it kicked the original right out of the charts, much to singer Bobby Womack´s chagrin at the time. But I guess the royalties that came in year after year must have mellowed him out a bit in the end.
The Valentinos - It´s All Over Now MP3


etoo said...

What a nice blog. I just found you at hype machine, and don't know how i missed you so far. i just downloaded abotu everything you put up (or else had it and love it already). Like your descriptions, too. Yardbird AND Thurston Moore AND Guy Clark? Oh, AND the Miss Sheiks AND the Carter Family? (I could go on...)

Keep it up man. Glad I found you.


Paul said...

Hey, thanks for the link! I echo the previous comment. Your blog is great. I love the variety of styles and time periods. All quality. This post is no exception.

Anonymous said...

hello! love your blog, truly. i love this van morrison tune, but i am hearing something faintly in the background when i turn the volume up... am i losing it?

Ramone666 said...

Nothing wrong with your ears Gravy, these noises are on the recording. It´s only a demo.
Thanks for all the praise btw guys, you got me blushing here...