Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Pool time

The tireless performer that is Bob Dylan will soon take off on yet another tour. At 66, he´s still averaging a hundred concerts a year. And what´s more, he does so with a dignity and style that fits his age, unlike so many older rockers strutting their stuff out there. Warming up on February 21st with three shows in a row in the tiny House Of The Blues in Dallas, Texas, the Dylan entourage will subsequently move south, with gigs scheduled in Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay. These warm-up shows in Dallas make you wonder if there´s been a change in his band´s line-up, but as the Dylan organisation is notoriously tightlipped we´ll probably only know for sure on the opening night. 

Another tour also means another opportunity to try your luck in the long running Dylan Pool guessing game. Here Bobheads from all over the world try to guess what songs His Bobness - known for putting a lot of variety in his setlists - will play in his concerts. Silly but fun and very addictive, so check it out. To get you in the mood, let´s look back to one of the most surprising Dylan tours of late, the 2002 American Fall Tour. Suddenly Bob had ditched his trademark guitar and was found singing his songs from behind a piano, baffling even his most ardent followers. Lots of great covers got an airing as well, among them Van Morrison´s Carrying A Torch, Warren Zevon´s Accidently Like A Martyr and Mutineer, Old Man by Neil Young, and last but not least the Beatles classic Something, as a moving tribute to George Harrison.

Bob Dylan - Carrying A Torch (live Elmira 9 Nov. ´02) MP3
Bob Dylan - Accidently Like A Martyr (live Berkeley 11 Oct. ´02) MP3
Bob Dylan -  Old Man (live Kansas City 28 Oct. ´02) MP3
Bob Dylan -  Mutineer (live St. Paul 30 Oct. ´02) MP3
Bob Dylan - Something (live New York City 13 Nov. ´02) MP3

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